''I hired Grace to perform at my very large and happy Birthday Party. She was fantastic and everyone loved her performance - graceful, tender, strong, elegant and with a wonderful accomplished voice that was comfortable jumping between blues, jazz, pop and today's hits. I would hire her again for any occasion that requires her rare talents and flexibility. She can move between sophistication, down home boogie or an eclectic mix of numerous genres without missing a beat. She is also a sweetheart. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!''


Dennis Duff

Owner - VacationAnnex.com

Northbay Music Award winner for 2013 project, 'Grace in the Woods'.

Grace... wow! She added such a magical element to our wedding party. She sang my husband's favorite song-- Somewhere Over the Rainbow-- from our rooftop, looking down on the garden reception area, just as the sun was setting. It was pure beauty. Her music captivated everyone, we couldn't have been happier with what she added to our special day. If you have a meaningful event coming up and you get the chance to use her, do it!


Meg McDonnell, Author of 'Tasting the Moon'.

''My husband and I had Grace and another friend, Mel sing at our wedding. We chose two songs that were special and meant a lot to us and wanted to have two very different sounds, so we chose Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera. I already knew that both Grace and Mel had amazing voices because I had heard them sing before. I had heard Mel sing opera many times and Grace had such a beautiful sultry voice that I knew she could pull off Stevie Nicks beautifully. 

I was not expecting how absolutely beautiful and magical it was to hear them sing together. I had never heard Grace sing opera before and I was blown away by her range. What really drew me to having them sing at our wedding was how much feeling and soul they put into their singing; they captured the emotion perfectly and everyone was captivated. 

We were lucky enough to have our wedding filmed and we have a shot panning across the room showing the faces of our guests during their singing and everyone looked so in love! It was beautiful. 

I am so grateful to have had their singing as an addition to our special day, it was definitely a highlight for my husband and I, and clearly for everyone else as well. I highly recommend using Grace!"'

Crystal Carpenter