About Us

We have played together in various projects for three years. We have written, recorded, and produced original material together, and have also learned an extensive collection of songs written by the great artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. This project is a tribute to those artists. We love the practice of meditating on their songs, and bringing them with fresh life to events and establishments around the California Wine Country area.

Grace Evans is a University trained musician who has been engaged in music for most of her life. She considers herself a writer by nature, but loves to spread the feelings and messages inherent in songs to others through performance. She has performed under the name Gracie Glass, and as part of the duo Grace in the Woods. She loves events that bring people together and has worked to help facilitate them in the past, so lending music to celebrations and merry occasions is a happy fit for her. 

Grace plays the piano, is fully trained in music theory, and also loves to arrange multi-instrumental music.

Kerry Fogarty is a musical jack of all trades. He is an experienced producer, and can play most instruments, though the guitar is his first and his favorite. He has worked for much of his adult life in the role of producer, engineer, and musician for a variety of bands and projects in the Sonoma County area, including Tiny Pyramids, and his main project, Parson Jones, in which he was one half of a duo. 

Parson Jones is signed to a successful indie label in France, and will be releasing their first full-length album in the fall, which was recorded, arranged, and produced by Kerry.