Worked briefly with New Vintage Records in 2015. 

Previous projects include Grace in the Woods, the Garden of Lions, Gracie Riot, and Psychie.

Also in the duo, Wondertwin.


But here it becomes warm,


of treats,

licked fingers in a warm mouth after breaking bread and sharing late snacks with old friends, in old rituals, 

and all of the centipedes are exiting the mouth through the tunnel from the well, into the sunlight to crawl away for good

leaving the body who housed them so free, 

so miraculous, so magical, so much a miracle of life

through pumping blood in fingertips and connective tissue to hearts and words and laughter- watching it all with no criticism or doubt, a free flow of 


moving each other hand in hand

magnifying each other's speed towards the clean


wondrous play of the universe

held in 

an amalgamation of stars and pinpoints 

of light in geometric 


that make up symmetry, make up art, 

threads of meaning all crossing and uncrossing

to draw the eyes always back to love-

- that smiling sun

who changes all 

so that it happened

it all happened

for a heavenly


of perfect lessons

pointing us back home